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User Manual.

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Wall Mounting

Unbox the mounting hook (situated below the Inoka Mask Safe in the box)

Find an even and flat wall preferably by the entrance where you intend to use Inoka Mask Safe.


Clean the wall with rubbing alcohol at about waist height and let it dry completely.

Unbox a 3M Command Large Adhesive Strip. Remove red adhesive liner.


1. Align with the rectangular slot at the back of the mounting hook and press firmly. Remove black adhesive liner.

Press the mounting hook to the wall and apply pressure for 30 seconds. let the hook rest for 1 hour.

2. Attach the Inoka Mask Safe to the hook by overlapping its back slot with the mounting hook.


Slide the Inoka Mask Safe down by about half a centimeter after the mounting hook is fully inserted to lock it in place. Test by lightly pulling the inoka mask safe away from the wall.


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3M mount adhesive.jpg


Mounting hook (back)

Black adhesive liner

3M Adhesive Strip

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