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  • How does the Inoka safe disinfect?
    The Inoka safe disinfects with the most fail-safe method of dry heat. The copper or brass Inoka mask cases allows heat to penetrate them and cooks the pathogens on both the case and the mask to undetectable amounts in as little as 5 minutes, but we keep it inside for 60 minutes to be extra safe.
  • Can I disinfect other things with Inoka?
    Yes, the partitions inside the inoka safe can be removed to fit larger items. Anything that can fit into the Inoka safe and can withstand 70°C can be disinfected in it. This includes but is not limited to gloves, wallets, cloths and face masks without the Inoka case.
  • Do I have to use the Inoka case to use the Inoka safe?
    Not at all, although we really want people to not put used masks into their pockets or leave them out in the open, we know that it is sometimes difficult to learn a new habit. If you don't want to use the case, just stick the mask directly into the inoka safe. Don't worry about the Inoka mask safe getting dirty as all its internal surfaces reaches at least 70°C.


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