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Care for Your Home

& Our Planet.

Making face masks easier to reuse than to dispose of: Inoka is the first complete solution for safely carrying, storing, and sterilizing face masks for reuse.

How it works
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Made from inherently virucidal and heat-conducting Copper & Brass, the credit-card-sized carrying case is the first one that sterilizes together with your mask.


Drop your mask & case into the Inoka Mask Safe when you return home and enjoy a clean & organized home environment while they are heat-sterilized for reuse. (8).gif (14).gif


This way, your mask and the Inoka Case is always clean and ready for you the next time you need it. It's a truly zero effort way to stop disposing and start reusing, safely.

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Introducing the Inoka Mask Safe.


High precision resistive temperature detectors (RTDs)

* Patent granted on 7th September, 2021. Filed on the premise that unsustainably mass-manufactured knock-offs can end up generating more waste.


Direct Contact

Dry Heat Sterilization.

Minimal, Customizable &

Sustainable Design.

Sterilization Progress


Wall mountable

with 3M Command

Durable recycled

aluminum stand

On the 25th of November, 2020. The FDA issued an official guidance recommending dry-heat sterilization for reusing medical face masks in US hospitals. Being the sterilizing method with the least degradation effect on facepiece filtering effectiveness, dry-heat is the first and only method for face mask sterilization and reuse officially endorsed by the FDA.

Customizable wooden accent*

Recycled PC/ABS Body

(from factory scraps)

* We are actively reaching out to work with manufacturers of recycled chopsticks and other wooden materials.

Duo-sided direct-contact

heating elements

Patented system*

Sterilizes in Minutes,

With Over 30X Safety Factor.


(Urbani) Remaining

Sanitizing Graph Background.png
Sanitizing Graph Curve.png

Time Under 65°C/149°F   

(Inoka Mask Safe Uses 70±1°C for 60 Minutes.)

Tested by a government-level microbiology laboratory.

Loved by Covid-19 Facemask Sanitation Researchers.

Designed to Match
Every Home.

Made from Recycled

Copper & Brass.

With inherent virucidal and anti-microbial properties, copper alloys are also the best heat conductors. The Inoka Case distributes heat evenly and acts as mini-ovens when heated by the Inoka Mask Safe to effectively sterilize your face mask while also ensuring that the case itself is safe for reuse.

Disposable Face Masks Kill.

Over 1.2 Trillion     

Face masks have gone Into our environment since the beginning of the pandemic.

These masks are non-recyclable by design and take 450 years to decompose.

They kill, strangle, get ingested by animals and eventually also break into microplastics to further poison the ocean.

We can reduce this by over 100x if we all switch to reusable ones. But more and more are starting to favor disposables.

The Only Mask Case that Sterilizes

With your Face Mask.

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Carrying & Storing Safely,
Too Easily Overlooked.

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